Saturday, April 17, 2010

"(Not So) New Shoes" sculptures by Gabriel Dishaw

So I went to the preview last night at St. Alfred and I must say, Gabriel's stuff is awesome!
It's kind of "future steampunk" and because of the wonderful recycled element it takes on a found art / outsider element though the idea is special and unique.  The construction, the use of materials, the integration of the kind of quirks which real sneaker heads will truly appreciate is genius.  Not to mention that after meeting him, I find him to be a lovely bloke.

As the proud owner of a pair of "Pentium Blazers" I am already a convert and yes, I've drunk the Kool-aid.

Check it out if you happen to be in town.  Jordan, the gallery owner is a pretty rad dude.  Homer, the gallery dog is a pretty rad dog and honestly, it'd make you a much better person because it's pretty cool...

360SEE Gallery
1924 N. Damen Avenue Chicago 60647 
(773) 698-6340


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