Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Instagram -vs- The Hipstamatics

I know I know, it's friggin' Mac -vs- PC.
It's North -vs- South.
It's The Beatles -vs- The Rolling Stones
It's East Coast -vs- West Coast.
Luckily, I go both ways.

Yeah, it's a little on the pedestrian side for "real photographers" but it's still a cool and fun-ish little niche for those of us that just like to play around.
These are a few shots from my Instagram fun time...

A shot of the bathroom

Endicott and I

From an Einstein's Bagels or something like that.


I take a lot of these quick snaps so I'll post the ones that make the grade.  Whatevs.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Modern Dogs

I know that people know that I have a few dogs in my life and I know that those that know, also know I how adore my littles.  Well...they've been selected as contestants in the Modernica "Pets on Furniture" competition.  Have a look at the site when you get a chance.  There are some cool pieces in the pics and along with the main site it's generally a good spot to check every once in a few.  I've had a thing for that Case Study Alpine Bed for a while now.  I think that it's the visual similarity to the Eames LCW (a silhouette I've always found appealing) that gets me.  Anywho, root around over there and while you're clicking stuff, don't forget to vote for the clan (They're #6 for those that don't know).

-Here, I'll make it easy for you-  (I'm shameless...)

More pics from the archives -


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